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  • I’ve been trying since yesterday to figure this out, and it is driving me nuts. There’s extra space above each entry in my journal at It looks as if there may be padding above and below the main page’s journal, or maybe there’s just extra padding above it. Either way, I can’t find the code for it to alter it. Can someone tell me where exactly it may be…? I’d appreciate it so much!

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  • Adjust the value of the following in style.css
    .post { margin: 35px 35px 20px 0; }

    1st number = top margin
    2nd number = bottom margin

    It worked! Thank you!!! 🙂 Only one problem — when I did that, I lost all the spacing on the right side of the entries. Do you know where I can fix this…?

    Oh, no my bad. I made mistake. Okay here’s your original style.

    .post { margin: 35px 35px 20px 0; }

    1st = top
    2nd = right
    3rd = bottom
    4rd = left

    Make values adjustment again.

    lol, aww, okay. I fixed it. Thank you! Just out of curiosity, is there any way to move the entries up even more? The entry title is lining up with the sidebar line that says, “20 something writer…” Is there a way to make it line up with “The Writer”?

    I was unfamiliar with these tags, so I changed the color of each one to bright red, one by one, to see what it is. I found one called hmenu, which was right below the five links I have below the header. It seems that if I deleted that, it would move both columns up a little bit. Is that possible or can I not delete it?

    Let me know about these two things if you have time. I appreciate your help. 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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