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  • I just set up wordpress 2.1.3 on my Yahoo account. I had to do a full install in a new directory and database because the upgrade failed to update the database properly and my backup database wouldn’t upload. Luckily I have a backup blog on and I exported my posts from there, so they’re saved.

    At any rate, I’ve installed WordPress 2.1.3, and everything seems to be working fine, except I have an odd piece of code at the top of my site, “”, it looks like this: “?>”. These same characters also appear at the top of my wordpress dashboard in the upper left, on the dashboard front page under “latest activity” as well as on the welcome to wordpress page like this:
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    At first I thought something might be wrong with my header.php, but the places this appears seems to count that out as a possibility. Does anyone have a suggestion about what could be causing this?

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  • Sorry to waste people’s time, I found the problem… I had a stray piece of code in one of my php files… I removed that and all is well.

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