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  • I have an unwanted bullet that I can’t get rid of on my page ( next to my category header, i.e. Levers. Unlike my other squared bullets, it’s for some reason round.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • I have problems with unwanted bullets too. Came here by searching the forums, but found no solution.

    I built a list menu for a wordpress site which has no bullets by giving it a list-style: none;

    This works as expected, see this example

    However,if I paste the code in my site (the HTML in the sidebar.php and the CSS in the style.css of my theme) I get unwanted bullets. I figured that these bullets (triangles in this case) must be inherited but could not find anything in the parent styles:

    body #top
    div #page
    div #content
    div .container body
    div #sidebar-1 .small
    ul #barnav

    I also tried de-activating all plugins and widgets but no luck. This must be hard-coded in the site,but where ?

    Or is their any way that I can override the cascade so that I get rid of the bullets ?


    I forgot the link to the test-installation:


    #content ul li,
    #content ol li {
    	background: url('images/bullet.gif') no-repeat 16px 9px;
    	padding: 3px 0 3px 30px;

    if you do more coding and theme modding, get yourself the developer addon for firefox or the firebug 😉

    That was quick…

    Must have overlooked that one, sieved through that file at least a dozen times.

    I commented “content ul li” out and now it works as it should.

    I do have the firefox add-ons, they are very helpful but searching for code is still the most time-consuming bit of the whole operation. Or can you use them to find the rule that put the bullets in front of the list-items without opening the style.css file? In that case I am missing something.

    Thanks !

    and how can I mark this question “resolved”?

    use the ‘CSS’ drop-down for instance, and ‘view style information’; that gives you the style of the element you are clicking on (if the html is not too unstructured). on hover, it shows the hierarchy of the html tags in the line above the browser tags.
    or use ‘IMAGES’ – ‘view image information’; and you get the whole list of all images in the html file, often helpful to identify these background images etc.

    lots of functions to play with 😉

    edit: to mark it as ‘resolved’ there is alledegly a button somewhere near (?) the edit window

    OK, “style information” is extremely helpful, I used “element information” which isn’t half as helpful here.

    although it needed some poking the cursor around to target the right element in the case of a list.

    no, I don’t see no “resolved” button. And, while the bullets in the test-site are gone, in the real site that is under construction they are more persistent. So I might need to re-open this thread in the future…

    thanks again.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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