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    Fairly new to this. Yesterday I posted my first and second blog entries. The second one has an image. Initially it had a white border around it. (Part of the image itself)I decided that that was too bright today and recreated it with a gray border. When I uploaded it, it seemed to bright, still. So I redid it with a black thick border and a thin dark gray one around that. When I uploaded it using the dashboard media uploader, put it into the post and then updated it, it had an extra gray border that wasn’t there before. I’ve tried a variety of things to get rid of it or figure out it’s origins. So far, no good. Currently the image I’m using has no border but the gray one is still there. I don’t see anything in the html around the image that looks like it would do this, but being new maybe I’m missing the obvious.

    What might be causing this?

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  • doc4



    I see it. You have a 6pc padding around the image while the holder has a grey background. So technically there is not a border just additional padding around it.

    img {
       background: #1B1B1B none repeat scroll 0 0;
       border: 1px solid #1B1B1B;
       padding: 6px; /* Remove This */


    OK. So that’s in the CSS then? Do I remove the padding or the backround color to make it go away?



    Got it. Thanks!!!

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