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  1. bookstreasure
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I just upgraded to the new version of wordpress. I have my own URL and it is hosted through hostpapa.

    I am continually being hacked. Hostpapa says the problem is with wordpress.

    Now, unwanted ads are showing up on my blog.

    What am I to do?

    I can not keep being hacked 8x a year, this is ridiculous.



  2. What are you doing to prevent yourself from being hacked?

    Are you using secure passwords? Are you cleaning up after you've been hacked?

    WordPress, itself, has no known security holes. Plugins and themes are another matter.

  3. bookstreasure
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am using secure passwords and I am cleaning up after I've been hacked. Each time I have been hacked it has been by someone new.

  4. bookstreasure
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I restore from a good backup, before the hack and all is well for a while, then hacked again.

    I am wondering if firefox is the problem. I had heard there were some problems with it and I have to use it for my college, I also have to use an older version of firefox.

  5. I restore from a good backup, before the hack and all is well for a while, then hacked again.

    That does, alas, not mean you're getting it cleaned. What you're doing is restoring from before the hack SHOWED itself, not necessarily from a clean version.

    These directions will suck.

    Upload a new version of EVERYTHING from a fresh download.

    WordPress core files
    ALL plugins
    The themes

    Once you do that, change ALL your passwords. FTP, SQL, WordPress.

  6. Peter Wooster
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Are you using Windows as a development system? Do you do FTP from it? Do you ever use IE for browsing? Has your development system got malware that is stealing your FTP credentials?

    It's very likely that the problem is not WordPress, but something that is letting the hacker get access to your site.

    There are plugins that will detect changes to your site and some will even email you when it happens. Check out my Simple Changed Files and l3rady's WordPress File Monitor Plus.

  7. Michelle Reece
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I strongly recommend you wipe your computer clean. Like pkwooster said, it's probably coming from your computer. Your computer might be so deeply infected that it's very easy for them to hack you.

    It's very important to keep everything updated, including Firefox. If you have the funds, hire an encryptor to secure everything. If you do actually clean out your computer, completely reinstall WordPress (get a fresh copy). It's a good idea to get the Ultimate Security Checker, BulletProof Security and 6Scan plugins. Secure your themes and make sure you use secure FTP.

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