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    Hi, I installed WP 5.9. Anything seems to work fine, except for one thing. There’s a sort of 5.9 balloon overlay upon the first page of a plugin.

    Wordpress runs on PHP 8.
    The active theme is Twenty-Twenty.
    I only have four plugins installed: Classic editor, Classic widgets, WP Custom Login Page Logo and Albo pretorio On Line (this one “features” the unwanted 5.9 balloons).

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  • Could you share a screenshot please? is a great website to quickly upload and share images w/o having to make an account for it.

    I would also make a topic on the plugin support page… Maybe the dev of that plugin can help you faster with those balloons…

    Apologies for this edit, but you can find the plugin forum here:

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    (I just contacted the plugin author privately, but I don’t understand how can this be a plugin issue: that is, there must be something new in the way WP relates to plugins)

    I just tried out to install the plugin on my Dutch test website and got the exact same result… I have a TON of other plugins like Shortcoder, wpDataTables, Loco Translate running on that website and don’t have that behavior…

    So, looking at “Inspect Element” and the errors that throws, looks like there is something going on in the plugin code which is calling on the wrong background for that page to be displayed.

    I think that’s what is going on.

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    Uhm… so why the same plugin works with 5.8?

    There is no background at all if you see the plugin working under 5.8:

    Moreover the balloons are clearly related to 5.9 WP version:

    check .welcome-panel and .welcome-panel::before css classes: are them from the plugin? The images are not even downloaded from the plugin directory.

    Imho, there is a “welcome screen” WP should display on the first load of the 5.9 version and it stays there for some reason.

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    Seems there is a new update from the developer of this plugin just 30 minutes ago mentioning compatibility with WordPress 5.9.

    Did the update solve the problem?

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    Yes, it did. I will never know what was the issue. πŸ™‚

    I thought so. I’m glad it’s solved.

    And I totally understand your reaction @islp ! But code can do weird things sometimes πŸ™
    But nice troubleshooting of you to check the CSS classes and everything! πŸ™‚

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    @nekojonez I’m an old software developer, it’s a professional distortion πŸ˜‰

    Jules Colle


    I’m having this problem with one of my own themes as well, and also the plugin seems to suffer from it.

    Does anybody understand why this is happening? Are some plugins/themes creating their settings pages in a non-standard way?

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    @jules-colle I suppose there something going on betwteen the new version of WP and the plugin. Since I didn’t know what the author of my plugin changed to make it work again, the only thing I can say is to contact directly the authors of your plugin.

    Hey check out this Trac Ticket comment:

    I used this code to remove the balloons, the blue background and the X dismiss icon.

    /* Remove the balloon, blue background and close panel icon in the Welcome Panel. */
    add_action( 'welcome_panel', 'my_welcome_panel' );
    function dashboard_remove_welcome_balloons() {
    		.welcome-panel::before { display: none; }
    		.welcome-panel { background: none; }
    		.welcome-panel-close { display: none; }
    add_action( 'admin_head', 'dashboard_remove_welcome_balloons' );
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