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  • Smithsts


    Got something weird going on. When my url is typed in i get a 404 message page, and says the page is not available, however, if you hit refresh the proper page shows up. So for instance:

    The link points to (page exists)

    The visitor sees 404 page, however, visitor hits refresh button and shows up as it should.

    Any ideas?

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  • moshu


    Interesting URL you have there…



    I am seeing the same thing but only in Internet Explorer browsers… links that never fail in Firefox are behaving quire oddly in Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

    For example, if (using IE) you go to

    click on (in the main content area) Brain Damage.

    (you get 404 page)

    use your back button to return to the previous page, then click the same link… it goes to the correct page.

    This only occurs on pages where no posts exist… which calls the index.php file to display the category, category description and a message that says

    “You selected Brain Damage »
    Additional information for this subject coming soon!”

    Again, it NEVER happens in Firefox, Opera or other browsers… just IE (6 and 7). Anyone have ANY ideas?

    The site is at the root level of the domain but afaik, this only just started happening as I’ve tested it in the recent page without errors.

    links where a post exists do not show this behavior, even in IE browsers. Help appreciated!



    Thats not my real site, I wasnt sure if it was acceptable to list my actual site on here…anyway here,s the culprit here:

    I have a squeeze page set up at which redirects to the the “/Blog” page with no problems. But when being visited from the outside, the 404 page shows up until, as mentioned above, you either back space, hit the same link, or simply refresh the page.



    I have a squeeze page set up at which redirects to the the “/Blog” page with no problems.

    Actually it does cause a lot of problem. Any redirect does.
    Remove it.
    I see MS Frontpage garbage when visiting your root. Remove it.



    While I appreciate your time and response, it doesnt necessarily fix my problem. Perhaps I was too vague in my post, so here goes.

    Does anyone know how to solve this unwanted 404 problem without deleting the existing structure?

    In my limited programming/site building mind, I would think it should be relatively easy to remedy. Thanks in advance.



    Figured it out, all redirect working great, thanks for the help…if anyone wants to know how to do it, lemme know….

    me, I’d like to know.

    Same problem here. Solution please?! Mine may be different in a sense that the page actually doesn’t exist, and I want the 404 page. In most cases IE will not show the 404 page, but it’s very own generic page not found instead. I hit refresh a few times, then my custom 404 page appears…

    Placing these 2 items above the get_header at the very top of my 404 file appears to have fixed it for me:

    <?php ob_start(); ?>
    <?php header(“HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found”); ?>

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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