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  • I though that to build a page with WordPress, simply by pasting text from a Word or LibreOffice document was easy as you can do it when you reply on any good Forum boards. Not at all. It’s a nightmare!

    The standard paragraph block breaks your pasted text in hundreds paragraphs, everywhere the “return” key is hit! There is no way to change this behavior.
    The classic Paragraph block, breaks all the spacing in the pasted text.
    The preformatted block has practically no formatting buttons on its toolbar. The plugin “TinyMCE Advanced” doesn’t help.
    Furthermore, inside of a block you can’t set different text alignment to different rows.

    I wonder why the developers simply doesn’t make an option available where the user can decide whether WordPress has to create automatically paragraphs or not.

    At the moment WordPress is a nightmare if you need to create pages pasting large portions of text, just simply formatted, from .docx or .odt documents. Also the way back is a pain (copy text from the WP editor and paste into a document)

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  • Gutenberg is complete crap. I don’t know why the core team of WordPress is so much fascinated about it. Gutenburg is a complete failure and it will be wise for the core team to accept it and stop developing this crap further.

    Does the Disable Gutenburg plugin help?

    @rajiv.pro82: I agree.
    The idea to edit the pages using blocks would be good, but these blocks are useless if they work in this way.

    I have tried the plugin which allows to switch between classic editor and Gutenberg (I don’t remember the name), but the button “Paste from Word” was nowhere present, then I uninstalled the plugin.
    Also in the classic editor, I had the same issue of messed line spacing when pasting text.
    I would not try to remove completely the Gutenberg editor, because I would not risk to damage irreversibly my WP installation, and maybe the “Paste from Word” button will not return anyway. Note that 5.4.2 is my first version of WordPress.

    I know only that there are forums where I can paste content from Word without big issues and even insert quickly images, videos, etc.

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