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  • I have been working on a plugin that allows user to select different themes for different posts and pages.

    I could find out that the filters:

    • ‘template’ called in function get_template
    • ‘template_directory’called in function get_template_directory
    • ‘stylesheet’ called in function get_stylesheet
    • ‘stylesheet_directory’ called in function get_stylesheet_directory

    (all in theme.php) are all useless and do not make any difference during execution.

    I looked further and found out that those functions are called from ‘wp-settings.php’ and the result is assigned to a “constant” used afterwards in the code as follows:

    • define(‘TEMPLATEPATH’, get_template_directory());
    • define(‘STYLESHEETPATH’, get_stylesheet_directory());

    This also happens before the ‘init’ action execution which also made it impossible to hook on the filters above at the early initiation and startup.

    Stop assigning the template directories to contants and always use the function calls in the following files:

    • wp-settings.php
    • comment-template.php
    • general-template.php
    • template-loader.php
    • theme.php

    One thing to take into consideration is the include of the ‘functions.php’ that requires the current theme to be defined (later in ‘wp-settings.php’). Please study the possibility of delaying this include until a later stage when the theme for the current page is identified.



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