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  • 1. Integration with No reason for sites built off Automattic’s personal playground.

    2. Sends information to without “connection”. e.g. My feeds are showing up in WP reader. I never wanted this back. Ever.

    3. Features turned off onsite are available to users, who mistakenly believe you can see them “liking” your posts.

    4. Turns itself on with no option to disconnect features if you do not like them

    5. Malfunctions often rendering ALL links on the page (including those generated by outside API) to the base URL. This includes header image. The only way off of pages is to type in a URL to another page.

    6. Each update requires three or more “bug fixes”. Beta testing is limited to users who are on; Alternatively, only Automattic employees are testing it with no idea what the .org base truly does when it is not hobbled by Automattic only offerings.

    7. Privacy issues with statistics. No information available about what will be shared and already is being shared with

    8. Statistics do not recognize such referrers as Google+. Reporting erroneous at best. No true representation of traffic. Often statistics are belied. e.g. Some days there are more comments from users than JetPack reports page views.

    9. Superfluous CSS.

    10. Logs out user with every change.

    I could go on, but I believe it pointless. I doubt anyone reads these.

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  • @annmariedwyer: Great review! +100


    Thank you for the response, but I have chosen against JetPack and disabled it. It comes onboard with fresh WP installs and I got it with the upgrade 3.4.x. It was not something I chose to download, and out of the box, I hated it. It is of note, all of my complaints with it were from test driving Automattic’s suggestion of an all-in-one plugin. I tried it to see if I would like it better than the cocktail of plugins I do like.

    RE 2: Before Jetpack was on my server, there was no RSS feed of mine in the “reader”. Your argument does not hold water would voluntarily seek out blogs to insert in its reader. From the time I jumped from, I was not in the reader. When JetPack came on board with the WP upgrade, my feed reappeared in the reader. It does not take calculus to do the math. Automattic = WordPress

    My telephone call to Automattic concerning this issue confirmed JetPack was responsible for loading feeds of all sites who activated it.

    RE 4: I did disconnect them. I did report this. It is disconnected now, so this is a non-issue. However, for those who are thinking they are stuck with what is already on when it is activated, this can be a real downer. From the look of the comments here, it appears you may have made this more friendly in the UI. I would think the disconnect button would be more appropriate beside the “activate” button, not hidden in the “read me” propaganda.

    RE 2&4: Although I disconnected JetPack, my RSS remained in the reader. Apparently, the only way for me to remove it from the reader is to stop posting to my site. At half a million hits per month, that is unlikely.

    RE 5: When the only plugin on the site was JP, all of the links rendered wrong. Claim what you want, there was either a conflict with JP and WP or just JP being wonky. Either way, it was unacceptable. Protocol is deactivate plugins one at a time to correct issues and isolate problems. I deactivated JP and the problem was solved. As is typical with Automattic support, all errors are user errors.

    RE beta: I have been on many beta teams. If I believed Automattic cared about the .org folks, I would be glad to beta on one of my smaller sites. I am not willing to use my big site to do it, however, because I have never seen Automattic consider there are blogs which drive real traffic.

    RE 9: Rather than slimmer sheets and additional ones for the modules which need extra CSS, the sheet was huge considering I was not interested in more than a couple of the modules. It is your plugin. Style it the way you want. I do not have to like it. I also have the capacity to overwrite it.

    RE 10: You have loads of reports of, Automattic hosted users and .org users who have massive problems staying logged in. Shame on all of them for not knowing to come to the JetPack thread to report they knew what was wrong with their out of the box WP app. I hardly think this is a surprise issue. I still encounter it when I go to Automattic hosted sites which use JP. I know because when I get booted, I ask if they are using JP. I hold my opinions unless asked, as there are many who are satisfied with your plugin.

    To say it is unfair of me to hold the opinion this plugin represents a headache for those who are not run of the mill, once a month or meme bloggers is indicative of only wanting good reviews and not getting honest feedback.


    I have just spent the better part of an hour reading the reviews of other users. I have found at least one instance of every one of my points in the reviews dating back to early November, 2012. My review of December, 2012, would have been no surprise had you (Automattic) [innuendo moderated]. Likewise, some of your five star ratings are professing the drag time (one I did not mention), the unfriendly UI and overall malfunction of the plugin complicated with multiple bug fixes within days of the release.

    Most users I have encountered who move off to Automattic hosted sites never see how plugins work when they are not forced on them by their host. Ones which see what .org users’ plugins which do not kick their users off, actually load their photos and comments, do not strip out input with overreaching CSS, do not kick mobile users in the screen and smooth loading are left with a deflated feeling because “owning their own website” is not what they envisioned.

    Indeed, none of this review is a surprise. All of it is in the documentation should you choose to read it. How inconvenient is that? Hmm. Sounds a lot like putting the deactivate button in the sales propaganda.

    Thanks for the review and responses. I was thinking of installing this, but your comments and follow up have convinced me it might be better to stay away.

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