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  • hi,
    a friends site was hacked & site deleted by the website host, but November backup has been retrieved & uploaded to a test site.

    I’m trying to help him out to get his site back up online on a different webhost & domain, but the encryption code does not seem to be working using any type and with what he things are the encryption codes. What sort of make-up do the encryption codes have (alpha numeric, does the user set them?)

    Is there any way or anyone I can send it to so it can be looked at?
    Does the domain/host have to be the same?
    Can it be hacked/cracked?
    Any other advice?
    If it helps, can give access to someone to assist, let me know contact details.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Is the backup downloaded from our portal at If so it will already be unencrypted so you don’t need to worry about it. You can tell by file extension. If it is ENC it is encrypted. ZIP is not encrypted.

    When you recover the domain has to be the same, or you are essentially “Moving WordPress’. If you search google for that you’ll get some articles on how as there is a few things you might need to change in the wp_options table after restore, or the login page will show but you can’t login as it will redirect you to the old domain.

    The host doesn’t need to be the same.

    The encryption can be hacked/cracked but will take several million years if AES encryption was used. The encryption we use is pretty much the same used by banks etc.

    If you happen to have the unencrypted data then you should be fine, but if it is encrypted and the key was not written down or emailed etc there is nothing we can do recover that key I’m afraid.


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    Sorry just to answer the other questions:

    Yes, the user does set the encryption key themselves. It can be any characters and is limited to 16 characters for AES128 and 32 characters for AES256

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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