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  1. Totally Typing
    Posted 2 years ago #

    'Happy New Year' to all out there in 'WordPress' land!

    I am the original, absolute and complete novice with all of this. I want to make (what I consider) to be very simple changes to my site - constructed by someone else http://totallytyping.com/ I am curiously able to go in and make any necessary changes to the content/text of all other pages; however on the homepage, editing is proving to be a huge problem - as well as making changes to pdf's that are accessed via the homepage.

    I'm getting increasingly frustrated, as I'm 'totally' out of my depth here and could really do with some help please!

    Many thanks in advance.


    p.s I have asked this question previously and was advised to re-post it here. I'm also unsure as to the version of WordPress I'm using...?

  2. Totally Typing
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I've finally managed to create a .word doc, which I've then converted into a .pdf

    http://totallytyping.com/wp-content/uploads/tt_rates_sheet_options_(2014)..pdf and tried to exchange in place of the previous .pdf at the 'first feature link'.

    No joy.

    I've looked around for answer and am at a total loss!!! What on earth am I doing wrong???


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