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    Hi there,

    It seems I was able to successful install wordpress initially (I was able to see the default wordpress display when I visited my site), but I saw that I had uploaded my files into a subdirectory of the actual directory I wanted them to be in, so I decided to reinstall and upload my files again (I hadn’t actually put anything on my site yet, so I wasn’t worried about losing data). I deleted the files and the database and started the install from scratch, but now all I see when I visit my site is what I saw before I installed wordpress the first time (“This domain is under construction and will be available soon.”).

    Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? I tried this process multiple times, but it still doesn’t seem to be taking. I also looked through the forum for a relevant thread, but couldn’t find any. FYI, my FTP client is cpanel.

    Thanks very much!

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  • Have a look at the list of files in your main home directory, and check if there’s a file named ‘index.html’ or ‘index.htm’ – but not ‘index.php’.. that should be there as well. I’ll bet that there is. When you find that file, delete it. Be sure not to delete ‘index.php’ though.

    What you are seeing is the default Apache web server set up to do with default pages. When you go to your webiste, it searches through a list of default files to display and it uses the first one that it finds. Normally ‘index.html’ is closer to the start of the list then ‘index.php’ so when index.html exists, that is the file that’s used.

    You were right Michael, I did still have that .html file there. But I deleted the .html file (and even went through the install process again, just in case), and I’m still getting the default “This domain…” Any other suggestions?

    I really appreciate the help, thanks!

    Nevermind Michael, it started working! Thank you so much!!

    Problem solved.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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