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    Currently I have it set up that users that sign up are automatically assigned to Compulsory Categories. This way, every day, they get a post notification email. BUT… when a user decides they no longer want emails and try to update their preferences they cannot find a way to unsubscribe: Everything is checked off by default and cannot be unchecked, there is no way to say “stop”… Any ideas of how I can auto-subscribe by default but still give them them option to opt-out?

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  • @wearepapertiger,

    It seems to me like using compulsory category isn’t quite what you are after.

    What do you mean by ‘auto-subscribe’? THere is an auto-subscribe section in the Registered Users tab of the Settings page that allow you to configure the plugin to subscribe newly registering users to categories when they join. Also, you can access the Bulk Management section in the Registered Users tab of the Subscribers page that will allow you (as administrator) to bulk subscribe your current users to a particular category or categories and also change the email format.

    Provided the categories are not designated as compulsory these users can log in at anytime and over-ride their assigned subscriptions.

    Does that help?

    Thanks! I should probably elaborate.

    We are importing pre-registered users via CSV and need them auto-subscribed to start receiving emails when a post of a specific category is made. Will they receive this same email notification if under ‘Auto Subscribe’ in Settings is checked off as ‘Automatically’ and no compulsory categories are checked off?

    If that is the case we can auto-subscribe them to the site and then set ‘Excluded Categories’ for the ones they should not be getting…


    Are you importing these users to be Registered Users? So, with a username and password? If that’s the case AND the import process fires the correct WordPress user registration actions then these users should be correctly configured based on the auto subscribe settings.

    One way to check is to look at the subscriber count in the drop down on the Subscribers page, then import your users and check the figure again. If the number increased by the number of users you imported then it worked. If not then simply use the bulk subscribe section in that same page to alter the database information after the import.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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