• Hi,

    I am having an issued where after some period of time the pages start returning unstyled css and even stop executing JS. What is odd is we have over 100 sites and this is happening on like 7 or 8 of them. They are on different OS version Ubuntu 18.04 LT to 22.04 LTS. They have different themes and different plugins. Some are WooCommerce sites and some are just basic business sites.

    This started earlier this year, but has been picking up steam, more clients are seeing this, in the last month or so. The fix in every case to to flush the Redis Object cache plugin or disable the plugin and the site pops right back.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can track what this is or does anyone else have similar issues?

    Thank you!


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  • Plugin Author Till Krüss


    Hey Dave! You can try flushing the cache regularly using a cronjob, or debugging what’s causing the stale cache data.

    Sometimes you need to call wp_cache_flush() after certain custom-code operations.

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