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  • We recently noticed that the social links displayed on each post no longer had hyperlinks or any styling, and were simply plain text. (See

    This is not a theme conflict as the theme has not been updated recently, and it’s not a conflict with a newly added plugin, although many have been updated in the past 30 days. WP and all plugins are up to date.

    We’ve tried clearing both WP cache and Cloudflare with no change either.

    Have others experienced this issue before?

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    After tediously combing through plugins, it looks like the conflict is with “Don’t Muck My Markup” ( a plugin that stops WP auto adding line breaks in posts.

    What is the chance of being able to resolve this conflict with a small code update?

    @uxmastery I’m the author of Don’t Muck My Markup and I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with this! I’ve just now tested the WP Social Likes plugin in conjunction with Don’t Muck My Markup and they seem to be compatible one with another on my end. Are you saying that whether the social plugin works or not is a function of whether or not Don’t Muck My Markup is activated?

    Assuming that’s the case, would you mind providing the URL of your site where this issue is occurring?


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    Hi Martyn! Thanks for such a quick reply.

    I can confirm that the issue is triggered if I activate Don’t Muck My Markup. Disabling DMMM restores the desired behaviour of the social links.

    We love DMMM, by the way, as it fills a small but essential function in letting us include specific code content on our site. The other WP markup fixer plugins don’t work as well as yours, so if we can keep both of these plugins we’d be quite happy.

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    Plugin Author tssoft


    Hi! Thank you for your feedback. Sadly I can’t see how to fix the problem right now (I tried activating Social Likes and DMMM together and they worked fine for me). Please active DMMM again, then go to your website and check the markup of the social buttons while they appear unstyled. To do that in Chrome, right click the buttons and click “Inspect”. It should look like:
    <div class="social-likes social-likes_visible" ... etc.

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