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  • After installing this plugin, pagespeedinsight showed a wonderful result. Upon a second check, the result moved from a really good score to really poor score. Upon another check, the results were good again. Another check and it was poor again. It just kept fluctuating.

    How do I fix this, please?


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    @dryabov pls respond.

    Plugin Author Denis Ryabov


    There may be several sources of such an issue:
    1. Dynamically-generated embedded scripts or styles result in regenerating merged js/css files on each request. Solution is to disable “Merge embedded scripts” option in the “Minify JavaScript” section of Advanced settings of the PageSpeed Ninja plugin.
    2. Short time-to-live in caching subsystem. Do you use 3rdparty caching plugin? If yes, what time-to-live interval is set there? If no, do you have enabled “Caching” and “Experimental Caching” in “Reduce server response time” section of Advanced settings?

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    Thanks for the response.

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