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  • While it is possible to unschedule a scheduled post, it is sort of a work around. It would be nice, no, it would be excellent(!) if there was a small link underneath the “Update Post” button that said “Unschedule”. Unscheduling would do two things: 1) remove any date next to “Publish on” and 2) set the post to “Draft”. A simple click is all is needed instead of changing the date to the past, etc, etc.

    Happy Wednesday!

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  • I second this. I think this functionality would be so easy to fix, but right now it is so confusing that it messes up a lot of people. I have had several posts “automatically” schedule themselves and now I have no way to unschedule them. I just want them to go back to how they were.

    Please add a way to clear the schedule, this should be super easy.

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