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  • ever since i upgraded to wp version 2.3.3 . I received this error that caused by custom fields. it seems to load too many custom fields everytime i’m creating new post or editing post. like 100 custom fields or so till both browser firefox and IE hang .

    how do i fix this?

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  • I’ve encountered a similar problem on my blog. However, I get the “unresponsive script” error when I click the Write link in my Admin Center.

    Firefox hangs, it seems, when the advanced toolbar shows. How can I figure out what script is causing that? Could it perhaps be Viper’s Video Quicktags? That is the only custom entity in the advanced toolbar that I know I have. I think, however, that it may be as a result of the custom fields.

    I installed 2.5 yesterday and am just now getting the Unresponsive Script error message when opening the Write window. Also, I’ve noticed that when using the Visual editor, the Link button (to add a href tags to text) brings up a blank dialog box. Could that be the culprit?

    I don’t know but I’d love for someone, maybe one of the mods, to respond that has the solution to this. Does anyone know if this is a reported bug?

    So I was able to look at it a little more closely and it seems there are duplicates. I have 4 copies of several of the custom fields. Does anyone know how to delete them?

    I tried the delete button to no avail. If I could delete the duplicates I wonder if that would solve the issue.

    Did you guys try disabling plugins in firefox? I used HTML Validator and Firebug in Firefox and they tend to crash my FF when I visit sites that relies of heavy usage of JS like Gmail and Facebook.

    Safari throws a slow script error (but it is more tolerant than Firefox). So, below find all the keys and their corresponding values. Maybe we can find something in there.

    164 (shows up 4 times)

    239 (shows up 4 times) wpAjaxa39c5d4924f7e79318da38c99a60ad9c5133e00059b5be4341ebed803edc2639935097a27af866c2e85e7ccc4f9f1456

    240 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax84fc74edafb569781e3791d7288024221715fd9108960f76bccf476117943efd300e3a731fc5fd02f20827eaddf65868

    243 (shows up 4 times) wpAjaxab2ff66ffd09503cb60a9cbfda4e37a9de752d87bc3d3bf6d2aa9a440f4c7bc4a052f2fb618b2e326b5dd06e6aceced4

    244 (shows up 4 times) wpAjax48d32186a2919263a4f69be27d4995b75e99833e4f2f770bbc1564bcb51e506ac95bac156be66e86bd7781f2ae134c29

    245 (shows up 4 times)

    246 (shows up 4 times)

    248 (shows up 4 times)

    251 (shows up 4 times)

    254 (shows up 4 times)

    255 (shows up 4 times)

    256 (shows up 4 times)

    261 (shows up 4 times)

    263 (shows up 2 times)

    265 (shows up 4 times)

    266 (shows up 4 times)

    190 Enclosure (for Podpress, some duplicates)

    A slew (couple hundred) other PodPress entries. PodPressMedia, podPressPostSpecific

    A lot (about 50+) for WP-PostRatings using ratings-average, ratings-score (lots of duplicates in both), ratings users.

    A lot (50+) for Similar Posts and possibly some duplicates.

    Does this continue to occur when you disable all the plugins?

    Otto: Yes. All the custom fields still load and the unresponsive script still is given.

    No, I mean, do the custom fields continue to be added on new posts when you disable your plugins? Obviously, posts that you have which already have all those custom fields will still have the issue.

    None of those custom fields have any meaning to WordPress itself. Something else is adding them.

    Otto: I don’t know when they are being added but the error is still given when all plugins are disabled.

    I never noticed the fields being created before but they were. With so many entries it is hard to notice a newly created one. I am going to venture onto a limb and say that no new entries are created with all plugins disabled.

    But, I am also going to say that no new entries were created with plugins enabled. At least not recently that I could see.

    That probably doesn’t help the diagnostics of this.

    I just updated my local development environment to 2.5 and am having this same problem on Firefox with all of my plugins disabled. It seems to be that, if I click “continue” twice, Firefox gets through the nonresponsive script just fine.

    I have to apologize for the delay in replying. I was out of town this weekend.

    Otto/Other Mods: Have others reported this error in addition to myself? Also, even if new custom fields, on top of the several hundred that were added on my install (Lord knows how), are not added the error is still triggered.

    How can I remove the duplicate custom fields? Do I need to just click through the errors hoping it eventually ends and then manually click the Xs? Or, is a patch available either now or in the foreseeable future?

    arickrol here’s how i do it fix it

    but then it happens again . just now i try to make new post and i saw bunch of custom fields are duplicating itself. manual delete them .. I think one of plugins are being the culprit.

    removing them can only be done by clicking delete manually. there’s no way u cld do that when firefox hang with more than 100s of mm_handled rite?

    to otto, yes custom fields still duplicate themself even when plugins are disabled

    There have been several issues reported with Custom Fields.

    My advice is currently to either not use custom fields or do not upgrade to 2.5 if you must have them.

    i didn’t use custom scripts and yet it still loaded itself..
    mm_handled 1

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