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  1. kicksonfire
    Posted 8 years ago #

    This is a message to all moderators to advance this issue to high techs and high level wordpress officials.

    Here is my dilemma with wordpress...
    I run my site http://www.kicksonfire.com with wordpress. I have over 1000 static pages. Over the past few months after I created all my static pages, I have experienced serious amounts of downtime due to server load. I have read numerous articles about tuning wordpress, apache, php for optimum performance and still no luck at all. I have also been using the Wp-Cache plugin yet it was only a temorary fix as the server load problem reappeared.

    Few things I have noticed....
    Server Load is extremely high when I add new pages.... Lately I haven't been able to add any more static pages as it takes too long to publish. Adding / saving pages is extremely sluggish and sometime timeout.

    There is absolutely no fix for this problem out there. I have search forums, wordpress forum, and every where else. Please forward this to someone who can help me... Please.

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