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  • WordPress Tootips by Tomas Zhu gave me unreliable results. Adding a term to the glossary ought to add tooltips sitewide. This did not happen. It also provided overlapping tooltips for some terms. I gamed the plugin by using manual shortcode, but that is very laborious. I later tried CM Tooltip Glossary by CreativeMindSolutions and got such consistent results I wish I had not bothered with Zhu’s product to begin with. Support from Zhu is very slow and English is not their native language so communicating was difficult.

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  • Hi @sbstarr,

    One month before, you told us in version 12.3.0, it not support your class “.my-side-menu”, and give us a png screenshot, we report you that we did many tests and it works well on our side, we hope you give us a chance to check this problem for you. One month later, you give us the URL, we replied you we are check it and we are happy to solve the problem for you, one day later, you told us you are client of another plugin, and you will give us a bad review, because it is the way wordpress improves.

    In the month which we wait your reply, we released 11 versions, from tooltip 12.3.0 to tooltip 12.7.0, based on user’s feature request, it means 3 days a new version to realize user’s suggestion, is it very slow? 🙂

    At the moment, all peoples in the world in a very difficult situation, your reply is very slow, we understand and we accept it, sometimes our reply will slow too, in this case, we will report our users, but you said Tomas Zhu a few times in your review, will this help tooltip users? And you add Tomas zhu in the tag, will this help wordpress improves? Also, we think your review should just tell users what is the problem of our plugin, you should not promote other plugins via the review of our plugin, that will not help wordpress improves, and it is not help users of tooltip plugin 🙂

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    Sorry, who reported this review and why?

    @jdembowski I can’t say who reported the review. I don’t know. To be fair to Mr. Zhu, the author of WordPress Tooltips, the Covid pandemic IS slowing everything down greatly. Nonetheless, I simply wanted to report my experience using WordPress Tooltips. I spent a lot of time manually putting in shortcode to make it work in places where it should have functioned via PHP code. I’m glad to have found a plugin that works flawlessly and hope to help others who may encounter a similar issue. This is pretty much how the WordPress Foundation improves the overall product.

    Thanks @sbstarr for your advice, CM Tooltip Glossary by CreativeMindSolutions is much better than WordPress Tooltips Pro which is full of bugs, CM is working fine!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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