• I discourage anyone from using this plugin. When it works, it does what it should. When it breaks, don’t rely on Zoho for support. During two years of using the plugin, I’ve repeatedly been told by Zoho that it is simply not a Zoho product. Of course, it is managed and produced by the Zoho extensions team. And of course, occasionally I find someone at the Zoho Extensions team with time to investigate issues with this plugin, obviating the false claim from Zoho support teams that this is not a Zoho product.

    Three years after launch the plugin only has 3000 documented installations, which falls well below the threshold for user interest that would encourage reliable developer support.

    Zoho CRM email parsers not quite as efficient to set up, but if they break, they do not break functionality of live Webforms. I’ll probably work with Zoho to fix whatever is broken in this, but more likely I’ll be moving all my forms to an email parser for CRM integration.

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