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  • I’ve gotten over 3000 unrelated inexplicable tweetbacks that make no sense, and yet show up in my comments for whatever reason. Tweets from a jeanlink and other Twitterers in foreign languages. I have no idea why this is happening, but I have since deactivated the plugin.

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  • Same here but I only got about 500 of these tweets. I’ve deactivated the plugin and have been deleting the tweet comments. One common part of the tweets was “Error: The URL entered was not valid.” showed up somewhere in the comment. If I follow the link to the tweet, I find things like this. None of these comments showed up in my email notification so I had no warning, just happened to notice.

    I am getting this comment flooding as well.

    Note that in the plugins settings, you can bulk delete all these comments at once. I have left the plugin installed (but inactive) in case this issue gets fixed, but in the meantime it’s been deactivated.

    I am on the latest public releases of WP 2.7 and the K2 theme. I am also a pluing junkie so conflicts might be tough to track down.

    Version 1.4, which I just committed, should have fixed this issue. There’s a clean up function on the plugins settings panel btw!

    Just tried version 1.4.1 on WPMU 2.6.5. The clean up didn’t do anything. I’m assuming this is because I’m on WPMU, can you confirm?

    In my case over 20000 tweets have been tracked in just one day but since they’re unrelated, at least they’re not getting displayed on site anywhere.

    I caught the spam problem when about 250+ spam tweetbacks appeared in my comments panel and shut the plugin down. Before I try again with the latest version (just installed but not yet activated), I want to make sure that this problem has really gone away with the next version. jshare’s post here still has me concerned.

    Just to confirm the issue as well on 1.4.2. Around 250 unrelated tweetbacks from jeanlink and anthonde over the night

    I too have had this, with jeanlink, anthonde, az_videogames, az_wii and a like.

    I have used the “Twitter usernames to filter:” in setting and it have for now stoped the most of the unrelated tweetbacks.

    yup, here, too… I just installed the new version – glad that I looked at the dashboard 🙂 I used the “cleanup” function on the settings page, and at least all the spam was gone…

    I’m curious what’s going to happen tonight 🙂

    Does anyone know who used the Clean Up function – did it get rid of your non-spam Tweetbacks?
    Is there a way to get rid off mass numbers at once by the same person? I too got 3000 spams – by Jeanlink and Anthonde. I don’t want to lose my decent tweetbacks. I turned Tweetback off for now.

    @michellekosta, if there is a common name or phrase that is unique to the spam, add it to your blacklist (under settings->discussion). This will instantly move all such tweets to your comment spam folder. Just be careful not to use something too common as it may catch valid tweets. For example, don’t filter tinyurl because many people on twitter use that service, but filter out specific urls like tinyurl,com/df094evh since that link would only be used once. If it shows up hundreds of times, it’s spam.

    michellekostya, what you can do (and what I have done) is use the Clean Up to remove everything, then leave Tweetback running, and it will collect your good tweetbacks again, assuming the link(s) are still active.

    @archshrk hey that’s a great idea, thanks for posting that instead!

    Are the unrelated tweets coming from the same group of Twitterers? I’ve tried to installed 1.4.x and still these tweets keep on coming. Is it a bug, or is this a problem germane to Twitter where I would have to filter out the bad tweets by name?

    I’m seeing the same links from jeanlink, anthonde, az_videogames, az_wii — so suggests some similarity (see @fwood1001‘s comment above)

    I’ve been deleting in phpMyAdmin — I’m seeing a few hundred or a few thousand of these at a time. (see: for image!)

    Looks like they pop back every so often

    I’m still deleting these spam tweets – at 8000 now. What a nightmare.

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