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  • Gary, I think it’s beautiful.
    Nice work.

    It really is a nice looking theme…

    Hi Gary —

    It’s well-done though far too “narrow” for me (I run minimum 1280×1024 except for my dev screen; mostly I run 1600×1200, full screen, I have ZERO use for mini-windows in the hundreds…. I browse full screen etc. in tabs in FF….) so keep that caveat in mind. If it were fluid I’d like it quite well.

    Other than that, your domain name is special. VERY clever and imaginative.

    I think it looks great. I certainly agree that it’s narrow, but for short, journal-type posts that can work really well.

    The only thing I’d try to improve is the anti-aliasing on the text-images. They look rather fragmented to me, disturbs the cleanness of the rest of the design.

    Great looking site there mate.

    Thanks for the comments guys, they are much apreciated ..

    Almost looks like it’s headed towards PDA/mobile displays ;’)

    Maybe try and create a form for the contact page, as there are a lot of people who use web based mail and the link to Outlook, Outlook Express won’t work for them.

    I like that push/pull option for the header! Great work!

    Good point rainemaida … I never thought about people using webmail who didn’t have local accounts setup, a contact form will certainly be an addition!

    … oh and I can’t take credit for the header code klifix2, it was posted free on a website and I just modified it to fit with what I wanted it to do …

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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