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  • Hi, I’m completely new to everything here and published a page on my site (still under construction) by accident. Can you tell me how to take the page down, and the rest of the site, from Google so that I can finish working on it?

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  • Change the status of the page from published to draft or pending

    I have now done this, but the whole site still seems to be accessible google – that’s both the homepage and this page I clicked ‘published’ for.

    Is it just the case that it will take a while to come down from google, or do I need to do something else?

    once a page is published and picked up by google, it will remain in the cache for a while; no idea if and when it will disappear

    If your page is still online, it will be findable on search engines
    So if you want it offline, de-active the entire site.
    You’ll have to work on it offline or check out this post

    Hi, thanks so much for this. I’ve managed to install the plugin and the website is no longer accessible.

    Only one problem – when I try to customize the theme there is nothing there. Do I have to click something in my dashboard to work on the site offline?

    What do you mean with ‘there is nothing there’?
    Can you explain more clearly what you’re finding?

    Hi, my problem is that I now can’t access the WordPress dashboard for my website. When I log on I enter a dashboard that seems to be just for a blog, but it doesn’t contain the Plugin menu, or the themes I uploaded before.

    Sorry, this is probably something really basic, but I’m afraid I’m new to all this.

    Having installed the plugin successfully I now need to gain access to the original dashboard I was using so that I can work on the site and publish pages when necessary.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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