• I have had the Pro version for about a year now. The form maker itself has great potential for customising forms. However, I have had a number of problems over the year and the support has been terrible.

    The following been my experience on two or three occasions:

    Firstly you get through to a customer service agent with limited knowledge who either misunderstands what your problem is or doesn’t read your email request properly. You go back and forth trying to get them to understand the problem, meanwhile two or three days have passed.

    Next, when you think they understand the problem they then pass your problem to Technical Support. Things get worse. Technical support request login details which you think they will use to diagnose the problem and tell you how to fix it. However, instead Technical mess around with the live site. This has happened to me twice, once when the site was live! I was left with a number of mismatched forms with errors that made the site look really poor.

    Lastly when you complain about the service you will effectively be told they have fixed the form for you so what is the problem? Very unprofessional

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  • I agree. They’re support is horrible. Looking for a competitor. Most wordpress theme “pro” versions have terrible support.

    Plugin Contributor Form Maker Support


    Hello, @suecarroll and @greyso!

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience you have faced with our team.

    @suecarroll, I checked your last support tickets and noticed there was a terrible miscommunication. We deeply apologize about this.

    The problem has been resolved, however, please feel free to let us know in case you need further assistance.

    @greyso, I could not find your support ticket, could you please post its ID number here? We will check and see why you weren’t satisfied with our service.

    Sorry for the trouble again.
    Have a good weekend, guys!

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