• The author too frequently adds and then removes features that were being used.

    Can’t rely on this plugin to be dependable long-term.

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    Too frequently? Please elaborate.



    Please feel free to check my discussion with reviewer on support forum here –


    IMO, Some users like Jonathan are too crazy who do not value the FREE & well maintained software with QUALITY & QUICK support and demotivate open source lovers like us.


    A little crazy? Definitely.

    I’ve been part of the WordPress community for almost 10 years, I know I’m a little crazy.

    But I also know exactly what I am looking for in a plugin I want to use long-term. Taking away features that are being used is not one of them.

    Plugin Author Brainstorm Force


    10 Years? WOW!!!

    You are such an old follower considering WordPress itself became 10 years old just a few days ago! Perhaps, are you one of the WP’s early developers or an Automattic employee??


    # You neglected my request to elaborate what did you mean by “too frequently”? Please explain how frequently?? It was just once for good of the users!

    # Which feature did we take away? Didn’t we explain why??

    # Didn’t we provide you with an option and detailed documentation on how to get what was in the older version back for yourself?

    Well, I see here the issue is not the plugin but your own negligence –

    1. You use a third party software to update plugins
    2. You make changes in core plugin files and do not update them regularly
    3. Third party software updates them (perhaps accidentally) and you find yourself left so behind. And you blame plugin for that.

    So – we have no feedback to take from here.

    Thanks but no thanks for using our plugin. Good luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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