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    I use word press twenty ten with child and a wp property plugin. Recently a specific section of the pages I use on sites is presenting as unordered text links – but the default is suppose to be unordered text – no links.

    I’ve searched for similar issues like this on the web, here and the plugin site without success. I’ve also tried firebug to source the original Div. Class files / code without success to try and figure out the edit myself. At times I have trouble with firebug – not sure about others, perhaps the answer is staring me in the face – but I don’t see it.

    As referenced above the data should just be text – it is my preference to present it a an alpha ordered array of 3 or 4 columns across the content area of the page – just text no links.

    This is a link to an example page that demonstrates the text link problem:

    The questions: (1) Can someone help with sourcing the Div Class files for the Features section shown at the bottom of the sample page and (2) How – what code would be best to change the unordered text list of 3 to 4 column by x rows array of data?

    Any help or direction to info on this would be greatly appreciated. thank you. JimI

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  • Hi Jim. I highly recommend you download firebug for Firefox and use the built in tools to help you dissect this problem on your own. The learning experience will be a lot more valuable to you than just having someone point out the specific class in question. Also, I recommend doing some google searching on how CSS works, so you understand what the ‘cascade’ is. Hope that helps!

    I’ve worked through firebug already – I can’t see where the source / host folder is for those fields. I understand and generally edit my own css files – but this one has me stumped. I typically spend several hours trying to solve something before I come here – which I’ve also done in this case… thank you.

    Looks like that HTML code is being output by the plugin? In that case, you’d need to modify the plugin code, not just CSS. Have you asked on the plugin’s forum?

    Thank you WPyogi (although you’ve helped me here before – I just now figured out your name 🙂

    Yes I have posted the issue on their website forum but not the WP one…. which I’ll do now.

    On the website forum they told me that it isn’t the default that it shouldn’t be doing that. (It didn’t originally but I noticed that it was in the last few weeks).

    So with their reply I downloaded the plugin again to another / fresh domain – without any other plugins and it does the same thing. I have the plugin on several sites in development with 2 different hosts / 3 accounts, and they all do it.

    The plugin support folks – want ftp access to look at it – I’m never comfortable with that. Am I wrongly concerned? And, I figure I should be able to find the source file to edit it myself for whatever is causing this to happen shouldn’t I?

    Perhaps I’m missing something. I do appreciate your reply – its helpful and gives me the WP forum for the plugin to access too. jimii

    want ftp access to look at it – I’m never comfortable with that.

    I’d be a bit cautious about that too :).

    Weird that it would change, but when I use Firebug to look at your sample page, there is no CSS being applied to that list except for the theme’s CSS – none from the plugin. So that might explain what’s going on – why it does not look right. But I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like either. And are you saying those aren’t supposed to be links at all (or just not laid on like a list)?

    They are not intended to be links – just a vertical text list. That was the original default format. (My preference is for an array – not to confuse the problem with a design change that I want to make)

    In the WP forum you referenced a fellow had the same problem 2 months ago – but no reply to it. I just wrote to ask if he resolved it.

    I appreciate that you are not seeing anything with firebug too. I don’t quite have the experience to know if I am missing something – or it simply isn’t there. I’ll repost my question over there and see what comes of it. then report back here if it resolves. thank you again . jimii

    Sorry – I just noticed that I posted this on the other thread but not here. .. Thank you again for your help.

    The key issue is now solved. The plugin’s authors were able to assist with a code edit (correction) to get the links removed and just show as text. (I just need to study up now to figure out how to present the single column list as a multi column and row array.) jimii

    For anyone experiencing the same problem it is as follows:
    From the wp property plugin template folder create a copy of the property.php file to your child theme folder and change the code line below for true to false:

    From this:
    <?php get_features(“type={$tax_slug}&format=list&links=true”); ?>

    To this:
    <?php get_features(“type={$tax_slug}&format=list&links=false”); ?>

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