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    I am trying to get an unordered list within ordered list but as soon as I post the page it appears as an ordered list within an ordered list. e.g.
    1. Milk
    2. Bread
    1. White
    2. Whole Grain
    3. Rye
    3. Coffee

    I want it to be
    1. Milk
    2. Bread
    * White
    * Whole Grain
    * Rye
    3. Coffee

    Please help! I think the css is overwriting the html code.

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  • never mind found a fix.
    I added this line
    ol li ul li {list-style:circle inside !important; }
    ol { margin-bottom:1em; }
    ol li { list-style:decimal; }
    ol ol li { list-style:upper-alpha; }
    ol ol ol li { list-style:lower-roman; }

    Working great!

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