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    I saw people have a lot of trouble with the new v3. If you’ve turned on auto-update and were forced to update to v3 without knowing the consequences which caused the trouble, here’s how you can temperately revert back to v2 before making sure v3 works for your site (ideally in your test environment):

    Deactivate & delete the v3 plugin

    Download v2.8.9:

    Go to plugins page, click “Add New”. Click “Upload Plugin”

    Unfortunately the settings of v2 have lost, you’ll need to set it again

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  • Plugin Author Raul P.


    While this has always been available to anyone, it’s not recommended to downgrade. That’s the lazy approach.

    What’s needed, as explained in the help tab, is to reconfigure the plugin.
    Not only it will improve speed and performance, but will also bring the code up to more modern standards.

    Just because the old one was working, it doesn’t mean you can use it forever.
    Technology is constantly evolving, so change is needed.

    Spend a few minutes optimizing your settings and you will get rewarded with better speeds.

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    This is not a lazy approach. No one should bring a plug-in with breaking changes to their production system without testing. And v3 does break websites (making them slow) without any early notices. As v3 is a complete rewrite, the number of bugs are more than the old version too.

    To be honest V3 is less useful given the Humingbird plugin [1] can do a better job at minifying and combining css and js files: it’s still a manual process but the UI makes it less painful and semi-automatic.


    Plugin Author Raul P.


    Just wanted to clarify, that I am not calling you or anyone lazy. Only that some developers get lazy (me included) to recheck some settings which could improve their speed and performance, but they would rather not do this because of time or whatever reasons, and prefer to just downgrade.

    I agree nobody should bring a major upgrade to production before testing and backup, however if that happened, that means it already went through the deployment phase without issues… or nobody actually checked.

    I don’t think Humingbird can do a better job. I can concede they may have a better UI, but not functionality. Anyone with sufficient knowledge or persistence that puts up a little time optimizing FVM properly, will achieve better results than by using that plugin.

    I am not saying that FVM is the best of them all, as I also have other private plugins that do much more that FVM.

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