• Unlike the Lite version, the Pro version of this plugin does not provide the unminified versions of the included custom scripts which makes it really hard for developers to tweak some parts of the code.

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  • Plugin Support Nazmul Hassan


    Hello @vlooman,

    I am sorry but it is not possible to provide unminified JS file with the paid version of Dokan. If this is the reason for this 1 star then it is really sad for us because We minify only JS and CSS files for better loading speed. Unminify files have high file sizes.

    Thanks 🙂

    Hi Nazmul,

    I understand that, but according to WordPress Guidelines you should always add un-minified version as well, whenever you use a minified script. This means you can still enqueue and use the minified versions “for better loading speed”, but also provide un-minified ones to be available for developers to modify, enqueue and use it in case they need to tweak the functionality. This is the beauty of WP. You can hook into different places and modify what you need.

    We see you do exactly this in the lite version as otherwise the plugin would not pass the official approval process.:

    • js/dokan-upgrade.js – human readable
    • js/dokan-upgrade.min.js
    • js/dokan-wp.js – human readable
    • js/dokan-wp.min.js

    So why can’t you provide the same for dokan-pro? All files are obfuscated and unusable for modifications by other developers. Simply add the human readable ones and keep using the obfuscated ones. E.g.:

    • js/vue-pro-frontend-shipping.js – obfuscated and no readable alternative

    Thank you for your answer in advance. I hope if you are a developer yourself, you will surely understand my point and in the end this would make your paid product even better.


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    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    Hello @vlooman,

    About WordPress guidelines, they are only applicable to plugins/themes hosted in WordPress.org. As Dokan Pro is a premium plugin, it may not follow all the guidelines. But that’s not the reason we are not shipping the zip with source files.

    If you see the WordPress block editor, it’s written in React and with ES2015+ standard. So they are compiled with Webpack. If you see the files (/wp-includes/js/dist folder), as they are compiled, but still unminified files are not editable. This is true for WooCommerce as well, they are also shipping with webpack compiled code.

    The file you are referring to for shipping, it’s written in Vue and also uses webpack for compiling. Even though we had provided the unminified JS (I think we should), still you wouldn’t be able to clearly modify it as it’s still a garbage code.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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