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  • Hi

    I’ve tried searching for this, but couldn’t find anything specific to what I need to do. Apologies if I missed it.

    I have a portfolio site, where I have a main gallery page of thumbnails for multiple projects (which drill down into each project). Because of client sensitivities for some of the work, it’s important that it all not be freely available. Currently, I have the whole site password protected, but that’s not ideal because it also hides the less sensitive work as well, and that’s negatively impacting my salability.

    What I’d like is to have the gallery show up for everyone, but with certain projects locked. There would be a password entry field in the corner, and when the user enters the password, then all the projects would be unlocked.

    All of the password protection solutions seem to involve either global protection (as I currently have) or unlocking child content (and since some of the locked content is peer content, that won’t work for me).

    Any thoughts?


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