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  • I have moved 1 of my blogs ( to self-host it on Site5. However an EMPTY blog template shows in the browser, …AND when I try to access the admin for it, I am redirected to the login page. But it is not listed on the dashboard. (?!?!)

    I also have moved “” to with self hosting that I plan on moving from GoDaddy to Site5 at the end of the month. It shows on my dashboard as a linked blog. LINKED TO WHAT?!?!

    This forum says to contact support directly to have them manually unlink it, but their support page says they aren’t taking support requests at all. There are NO forum posts that address my dilemma.

    One complication could be that I had mapped the domain for “” to…and the mapping has now expired.

    Can someone PLEASE help me?! I’ve made peace with the fact that all of my posts and info are gone from the past year, as disappointing as that is (unless someone knows how I can get the files back). I just need to be able to access the backend admin to customize the blog, post, and make edits. But it’s IMPOSSIBLE in this loop I’m stuck in! How do I break this vicious cycle?!

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