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    Hi, after updating to 7.4 ver. of the plugin the stock in each variation can be limitlessly increased with the + button. F.e. if I have 3 products in the actual variation I can select 50 by pressing the + button but in the cart nothing is added or in another website there is a message that I can add only up to 3 and adds to the cart 1 product only.

    Please, make the actual stock select option work again.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    @robinrsa (thanks!)has added a GitHub issue for this here https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/36855 you can follow this issue for more updates

    +1 for me as well but only on the French site, not the English

    +1 on the same issue in persian site

    Please allow me to correct myself. I though the French and English sites were both upgraded to 7.4. No, the English site is still at 7.3 and works fine. Early tomorrow I will change the French site back to 7.3 and hopefully it will work fine. I have added a comment to the Github thread as I believe this is a bug that urgently needs fixing.

    I have the same proplem, any ideas, could you solve it ?

    It is danish site

    The github thread indicates that this is likely caused by a jQuery bug. The thread indicates that a WooCommerce developer is queued to review the thread and respond. I hope that they prioritize this fix as the 7.4.0 release is breaking sites with each install. And I think the fix is relatively easy. I hope they will release a 7.4.1 fix ASAP so we can get this resolved.

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    Just wanted to update everyone here, that the GitHub issue just received a priority:high label.

    cc @miroruse @miroruse @oula1

    Feel free to subscribe to it, in order to receive all the updates. Thank you. 🙂

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    Hi @ahawtin, thanks for your report and your update on the GitHub issue.

    As noted this is being worked on and a fix will hopefully be included in the next release. Please continue to follow the issue for updates.

    I just wanted to clarify on one aspect related to how the issue is affecting your website.

    I hope that they prioritize this fix as the 7.4.0 release is breaking sites with each install.

    It is our understanding of the issue that if a user enters a larger quantity than is in stock they would be presented with a notice “You cannot add that amount of “{ variable product name }” to the cart because there is not enough stock ({ amount of stock } remaining).”
    This should be enough to prevent anyone accidentally being able to add to cart or checkout too many of the item and they can then try again and enter a lower quantity instead.

    Just wanted to check if you are seeing this notice or if you are seeing different behaviour or other impacts as a result of this issue?

    Thank you!

    Thank you for responding so quickly. You are correct – the add to cart inventory check works fine. So the bug is isolated to the JS/jQuery parsing the DOM wrt the div class=”quantity”. Looking forward to a fix.

    Hi, @ahawtin

    The issue is closed on GitHub, and a fix will hopefully be considered/included in the next release of WooCommerce, as mentioned.

    If you have any other questions, I’d recommend creating a new thread.


    Great news – the update will be very welcome. Is there a policy on releasing a patch? Not sure of the timing of the fix. I made one attempt to roll back the French site and it didn’t go well. So I can either try again on the roll back, wait on the next release of WC or patch if one is made available. Please advise.

    After updating to Woocommerce 7.5.0, issue still occurred in Variation Products. Issue with quantity to be added to cart exceeding available items in stock per variation of product. But on Single Product the issue is fixed.

    Yes I can confirm that 7.5.0 does not fix the problem for Variation Products. I’m not sure why this is overlooked as it was tagged as high priority in Github. I believe it is a one line fix in Javascript – specifically in add-to-cart-variation.js.

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