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  • It was OK in the beginning.In the beginning, my blog’s name was Feroz’s World. When i changed the subtitle to something else, then suddenly it changed to Feroz\’s World. When i deleted the slash and saved the page, it changed to Feroz\\\’s World. Then i deleted and saved again, and it changed to Feroz\\\\’s World. Then agin i deleted and saved, then it changed back to Feroz\’s World. Each time i delete and save, it changes to each , starting with one slash, then 3, then 4, then 1 again, and continues.It doesn’t seem to go. Now my blogs title is Feroz s World. I removed aphostrophe. I want it to be Feroz’s World again.


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  • I also had that problem in WP2.2.3, but when I upgraded to WP2.3 RC1, the problem went away. I also deactivated some plugins, which may have been the fix. Perhaps try deactivating all your plugins first, and if that doesn’t work, see if the WP2.3 release fixes your problem.

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