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    I have been using the plugin with no complaints and its wonderful, I am just a bit concerned as I keep seeing new re-directs for completely unknown paths that I do not recognize. There are thousands of re-directs even though my site only has about 100 pages. What am I missing here?

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  • Prob need to update the plugin to latest ver.
    Id uninstall old 1st, then install latest ver.

    I did that now and its still happening. The way i see it there should only be re-directs for valid pages of mine however I am seeing paths like /xmlrpc.php/ and I have no idea what they are. Please help.

    You uninstalled old first, then installed new? You may unwanted have browser extensions and this redirect prob may have nothing to do with this plugin at all.
    If using Chrome, go into Extensions, and make sure NONE are installed
    If FF, go to Addons an delete all unneeded or Foreign addons
    IT IE or EDGE, dont use at all, ever, and switch to one of above browsers

    A lot of paths you see, like /xmlrpc.php/ and HUNDREDS OF OTHERS are paths to common to wordpress install files. If you know FTP, and I assume you dont, you cant check the ROOT of your hosting to see files like xmlrpc.php, and know that tha they are valid.

    I am getting emails by the second for the same path the whole time /xmlrpc.php/ and I have turned off error logging but still recieveing emails, my inbox is so full. What can i do? i love the plugin but am worried. I know my ftp log in but dont use it and did turn extentions off.

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    Hi @celestelombard,

    Don’t be panic. xmlrpc.php is a default WordPress file, used for API service. Hackers may use this file for DDoS and Bruteforce attacks. If you are using any security plugin, you may have an option to disable xmlrpc.

    Your error logs are not fake, these unknown requests may be from attackers or spam bots. Just add xmlrpc.php to the Exclude Paths option in 404 to 301 settings page and xmlrpc related errors will be ignored.

    Thanks for that info.

    It is strange even when I uninstall the plugin the emails won’t stop, they look like this:

    Bummer! You have one more 404

    IP Address
    404 Path /xmlrpc.php/
    User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:40.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/40.1

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    If you uninstall, the plugin will not work! How did you uninstall?

    Turning off logging does not turn off emails. Turn off emails if you don’t want em.

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    I uninstalled the plugin from plugins and then deleted it, to now I am getting these emails per the second! please can you help.

    Plugin Author Joel James


    Hi @celestelombard,

    Are you sure? It is impossible to get email from this plugin when it is deleted! Can you contact me through this form?

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