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    Hi again!

    Thank you for your help w/ my last issue. The box works / looks great. Unfortunately I’m having another issue.

    When I test out the completed form and hit submit, I get this error:

    Unknown column ‘text-4e04d29ae3a91’ in ‘field list’

    Any thoughts?

    In case you need it, here is the database check:

    Forms table (wp_fm_forms)… OK
    Items table (wp_fm_items)… OK
    Templates table (wp_fm_templates)… OK
    Settings table (wp_fm_settings)… OK
    Forms table…
    Form 1 for data table: OK
    Form 2 for data table: OK
    For duplicate IDs and slugs…
    Items table…
    Checking form IDs exists…
    Checking unique names…
    Templates entries:
    Title: Form Manager Default Filename: fm-summary-default.php Modified: 1309220404
    Title: Summary for Data List Filename: fm-summary-multi.php Modified: 1309220404
    Title: Form Manager Default Filename: fm-form-default.php Modified: 1309220404
    Settings entries:
    Name: recaptcha_public Value:
    Name: recaptcha_private Value:
    Name: recaptcha_theme Value: red
    Name: title Value: New Form
    Name: submitted_msg Value: Thank you! Your data has been submitted.
    Name: required_msg Value: ‘%s’ is required.
    Name: email_admin Value:
    Name: email_reg_users Value: YES
    Name: template_form Value:
    Name: text_validator_count Value: 4
    Name: text_validator_0 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:6:”number”;s:5:”label”;s:12:”Numbers Only”;s:7:”message”;s:27:”‘%s’ must be a valid number”;s:6:”regexp”;s:27:”/^\s*[0-9]*[\.]?[0-9]+\s*$/”;}
    Name: text_validator_1 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:5:”phone”;s:5:”label”;s:12:”Phone Number”;s:7:”message”;s:33:”‘%s’ must be a valid phone number”;s:6:”regexp”;s:36:”/^.*[0-9]{3}.*[0-9]{3}.*[0-9]{4}.*$/”;}
    Name: text_validator_2 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:5:”email”;s:5:”label”;s:6:”E-Mail”;s:7:”message”;s:35:”‘%s’ must be a valid E-Mail address”;s:6:”regexp”;s:51:”/^[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\.[A-Za-z]{2,4}$/”;}
    Name: text_validator_3 Value: a:4:{s:4:”name”;s:4:”date”;s:5:”label”;s:15:”Date (MM/DD/YY)”;s:7:”message”;s:30:”‘%s’ must be a date (MM/DD/YY)”;s:6:”regexp”;s:35:”/^[0-9]{1,2}.[0-9]{1,2}.[0-9]{2}.$/”;}

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  • I forgot this part: – the apply now page.


    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    Okay – first I would upgrade to the latest version. This was a bug with a prior version that would happen for forms with more than 20 text fields. So if you delete the most recently created fields over 20 and recreate them after upgrading, you should be fine.

    Awesome it works.

    Does the new version have a limit on field I can add? My client is all over me to keep adding stuff lol.

    Thank you again for your help. When I get this project complete / get paid for it, I won’t forget to donate. This is an amazing plug in and your support is just as great!!!

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    Thanks! I appreciate it. The limit for the number of fields is imposed by MySQL, and will depend on the field type, but it would be around 8000 text fields.

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