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  • This weird code is showing up in the footer of a theme I have installed. I have totally redesigned the whole theme except the footer. The problem is when I delete this code the background behind he wrapper disappears along with some css bordering and shading at he bottom. I can not find any relation to any of the css code anywhere and I am totally stumped. I have been doing this for along time and I am not familiar with this type of code. Any help would be great as how to modify or get rid of it totally. It also calls in whoever designed the theme and a link to there site. It says something about reverse engineer and copyright, but if I am correct it’s opensource and should be allowed to be modified and shared, not monopolized and restricted.

    <?php /* WARNING: This file is protected by copyright law. To reverse engineer or decode this file is strictly prohibited. */

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  • I’m personally against this kind of encrypted copyright text and consider this to be the hallmark of a less-than-ethical theme.

    You say that the theme is open source? How do you know? Did it include a copy of a GPL license or similar? Not all themes are released into the public domain and removing this encoded text may contravene the copyright restrictions of this particular theme. If in doubt, consider using another theme.

    If you downloaded the theme here:

    Then it is supposed to be open source.

    View your browser source code to see the generated code to get an idea of what is missing without it.



    Why is it ‘less than ethical’? If a user doesn’t want to comply with copyright restrictions, then don’t use the theme. That’s pretty simple.

    And I would be careful about changing the theme up against the copyright notice, because if they went to the trouble of encoding that, you can pretty much bet there’s an “ET Phone HOME” function buried somewhere.

    I consider it less than ethical because it uses encoding for no obvious reason (that I know of) other than to scare people away from removing it.

    And as a copyright notice, it’s pretty ridiculous. It forbids reverse engineering of the footer file but says nothing about any limitations on changing any other file. It also forbids decoding, so presumably the notice shouldn’t be viewed by a web browser!

    And I did point out that removing the encoded text may contravene the copyright restrictions of that particular theme, so always check first.

    <div class="clear"></div>
    <div id="footer">
    &copy; <?php echo date('Y');  bloginfo('name');?> <br />
     <a href="" >'Remedy WP Theme'</a>  Designed by <a href="" >'Web Hosting Geeks'</a> 
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>
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