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    I’ve upgraded my tracking to Universal from the Analytics account. When I try to validate the code I get the following error: “Your Analytics tracking code does not include the necessary support for the Demographics and Interest reports”. I’ve unchecked it in the plugin settings and saved then rechecked and resaved. I don’t think there is any code I have to update or add right?


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  • Hi allivant,

    This isn’t strictly an All in One issue, but as far as I can tell what you’re trying to do Isn’t supported by Google yet for the Universal tracking code. I’d suggest switching back to using the classic Google Analytics tracking, or failing that, try skipping validation and see whether or not it works at all.

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    it tracks just fine, just doesn’t have the new features that universal does. is it something that is going to be tackled to support in All in One?

    Hi allivant,

    We do plan on supporting this once it is possible to do so.

    I’ll add to the discussion.

    Been using SEO Pack for a long time. Decided to move one site to Universal Analytics (to get the demographic info). Added Google Analytics ID and checked “Use Universal Analytics”.

    Examining the page source code shows none of what Google specifies as necessary, namely:

    ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + 'stats.g.doubleclick.net/dc.js';

    Going to uncheck the option as I’m not seeing the Classic ga.js code either.

    I have exactly the same problem : I checked “Use Universal Analytics” and nothing happened.

    Doubling down. Several updates later, and this is still not working. Do not use UA because there will be no tracking inside Google Analytics … nada, nothing.

    Tried to contact the company who makes this plugin and they basically wanted me to subscribe for support before telling me if this was broken or not. I was temped to buy the pro version before, but not openly reporting bugs or features is a very bad sign.

    Hi guyshomenet,

    This is not a bug; as I explained above, this is a feature that Google does not yet support in their Universal Analytics code. Do not use Universal Analytics for this until they do, there is nothing we can do about it. You are free to report actual bugs both here and via our contact form.

    Well Peter, I’m in and out of GA all day long and Google details the required code and migration steps. So recapping (for the broader WP audience):

    1) Google has it documented.

    2) There is an exposed hook in All-in-One for it.

    3) The hook produces no results.

    Given #2 and #3, at very least I suggest All-in-One remove the option. If it doesn’t work (for any reason) don’t present it to users.

    That being said, having been a systems programmer and having worked on the periphery of the of the Google ecosystem, I seriously doubt it is a Google failure. They tend not to publish pages of detailed documentation for a service they do not offer.

    Hi guyshomenet,

    In that case, kindly point me to the documentation for how to set up demographics and Interest reports for Universal Analytics. If Google has updated this from the Beta, I’d like to know about it, and we will implement it when they do.

    Hi Peter,
    I think you can find everything here

    Hi antoinemenini,

    You’re correct; I’ll quote from that page:

    Universal Analytics does not currently support the the dc.js JavaScript and related features (Remarketing, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration, and the Google Analytics Demographics and Interests Reports). If you use any of these features, upgrade to Universal Analytics after dc.js is supported.

    Via the same page, I had focused on the analytics.js library.


    “The analytics.js library is the latest JavaScript library for Google Analytics designed to take advantage of _all_ the new features of the Universal Analytics platform.”

    Great news, guyshomenet. Given this new information, kindly show me where on that page they talk about how to set up demographics and Interest reports for Universal Analytics, as opposed to the bit I quoted where they explicitly say they don’t support it yet.



    If I am reading the revised Google pages correctly, even the dc.js hooks are supported as of this mornings out-of-beta announcement.

    What, if anything, needs to happen to the all-in-one code to make UA work?


    Hi guyshomenet,

    It’s a fairly simple change to the code, and will be supported in the next release, which we plan to have out this week.

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