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    The Unite Theme support moderators are resistant to telling folks how to remove the: “Unite Theme Powered by WordPress”

    I would like to remove that, but not the footer verbiage altogether. I have my own copyright information that I want to keep.

    Can someone help? Here is the php:
    @package unite
    </div><!– row –>
    </div><!– #content –>

    <footer id=”colophon” class=”site-footer” role=”contentinfo”>
    <div class=”site-info container”>
    <div class=”row”>
    <nav role=”navigation” class=”col-md-6″>
    <?php unite_footer_links(); ?>

    <div class=”copyright col-md-6″>
    <?php do_action( ‘unite_credits’ ); ?>
    <?php echo of_get_option( ‘custom_footer_text’, ‘unite’ ); ?>
    <?php do_action( ‘unite_footer’ ); ?>
    </div><!– .site-info –>
    </footer><!– #colophon –>
    </div><!– #page –>

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>



    site is


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  • Is that the footer.php file?

    Yes, it is. 🙂

    At a guess its this line:

    <?php echo of_get_option( ‘custom_footer_text’, ‘unite’ ); ?>

    Seeing as how it’s saved as an option, it will be set somewhere in the administration area. Finding it may be a little hard, but it will be there.

    If you remove the following line, what happens?

    <?php echo of_get_option( ‘custom_footer_text’, ‘unite’ ); ?>

    Did you check if your theme already provides a setting to change the branding?

    For that theme it is in a separate folder “inc” and named extras.php lines 196 to 205. In the location inc/extras.php

     * function to show the footer info, copyright information
    function unite_footer_info() {
       printf( esc_html__( '%1$s powered by %2$s', 'unite' ) , '<a title="Unite Theme" href="" target="_blank">Unite Theme</a>', '<a href="" target="_blank" title="WordPress">WordPress</a>');
    add_action( 'unite_footer', 'unite_footer_info', 30 );
    if ( ! function_exists( 'get_unite_theme_options' ) )  {
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    You can view that file “extras.php” on Github, here:
    If it iisn’t available to edit in your WordPress admin you would have to use a file manager in your Cpanel or an FTP client like Filezilla etc as an example to edit and then save “extras.php” by commenting out those lines.

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    @tslofphoenix, Did you manage to find the option as per catacaustic’s reply? If not then you need to post on your theme’s support section:

    I didn’t specify the location of the “inc” directory or folder, it would be from your root website directory

    I will paste in the edited commented out version of extras.php for you:)

    Make sure you go to form WP Admin, go to:
    Customizing ▸ Unite Options then select Footer and in the bottom box where it says “Footer information Copyright text in footer” put your own footer verbiage Like I suppose you already have 🙂
    But when I commented out thos elines in Extras.php it still displaye only the word Unite in the bottom right of the footer, but when I put copyright text in that box I mentioned , Then it only displays the copyright text that I entered.

    Here is Extras.php with those lines edited out so as to NOT display the Powered by etc.:

    [ Redacted ]

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    @stanwilliams Don’t post more than 10 lines of PHP. It just doesn’t work and it’s not necessary.

    If you need support for this theme them please post in that theme’s sub-forum.

    When you do, don’t post the code. They already have it. 😉

    Edit: Right, not your topic you’re trying to help. Meh. This topic still belongs in the right place. 😉

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    I appreciate all the help I’ve been given.

    To those who did not see the original post, the theme developers are discouraging the omission of that footer note, and that’s why it’s hard to find where to change it. They have said that they feel that they put time into its development and would like acknowledgement.

    Thank you.

    I obviously am new here and not sure what most of you are saying.

    I found the php that Stan Williams mentioned, but have not idea what to do with it.

    * function to show the footer info, copyright information
    function unite_footer_info() {
    $output = ‘Unite Theme powered by WordPress.’;
    echo $output;
    add_action( ‘unite_footer’, ‘unite_footer_info’, 30 );

    NOTE: The Unite theme developers won’t tell folks. That’s why I’m here. It’s not illegal to remove that “Unite Theme powered by Word Press,” therefore, I’d like to know how.

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