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    Hi Jeff

    Since there is no registration, how would we handle duplicated authors names?

    At the moment I have came out with generating a unique random string which goes with the name when submitting and asking simple question to users before posting:

    Is this you first time?

    Yes => Show the field to write your unique name

    <p><input id="nameField" name="nome_unico" placeholder="Write your name" class="form-control input-lg usp-input"></p>

    No => Display the field where you write your usual name

    <input class="form-control input-lg usp-input" id="userName" name="user-submitted-name" type="text" value="" data-required="true" required placeholder="Write your username">

    Then with jQuery and php I generate the unique string and I set a live preview of the name and I tell the user to save it somewhere in order to remember the user name generated and use that the next time they post:

    var randomString = "<?php
    //set the random id length
    $random_id_length = 10; 
    //generate a random id encrypt it and store it in $rnd_id
    $rnd_id = crypt(uniqid(rand(),1)); 
    //to remove any slashes that might have come
    $rnd_id = strip_tags(stripslashes($rnd_id)); 
    //Removing any . or / and reversing the string
    $rnd_id = str_replace(".","",$rnd_id);
    $rnd_id = strrev(str_replace("/","",$rnd_id)); 
    //finally I take the first 10 characters from the $rnd_id
    $rnd_id = substr($rnd_id,0,$random_id_length); 
    echo "_$rnd_id" ;
    $('#nameField').on('keyup', function() {
       var my_value = $(this).val();
       $('#userName').val(my_value + codice);
       $('#userNameMostra').text(my_value + randomString);

    In the jQuery we can see 2 things:

    1: The script needed to display the name you are typing + the random string

    The result would be something like: james_white_3wLCIUWzol

    2: I am copying whatever is the genrated unique username to the plugin name field so that it will be send with the form.

    The live preview is just so that he has a place where he can see it live as he types and be able to copy it.

    Using a unique name makes it possible to do: “Show all posts by this author” as explained here:

    So this is my solution, am I over complicating it?
    How would you approach or what’s your thought in regards of unique author name when they pubblish?


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  • Oh well, i’m opting for a registration unfortunatly. The unique name thing is far too complex to handle, the solution above is A solution but yet a user could copy the generated user name from another post author and use it as its own to post, so doesn’t really solve the issue.

    Unless you have some enlightenment i guess I should simply give up on the non registration and just go ahead with a registration approach.


    Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Sounds like a plan, thanks for the feedback.

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