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  • Building out a new wordpress site and have the development version of our site up and running. Due to the need for security and eliminating vulnerability our setup consists of 1 admin server, behind our firewall, connecting to a mysql server. There is then another server that resides in our DMZ, outside our firewall, with read-only access to the database. Our configuration has unique site and wordpress url’s. The wordpress url points to the local server, where the admin copy of WP is installed and administrated from. The site URL is what will be used when viewing the site in a browser.
    We control all the servers involved and have full domain over the url’s used as well as the DNS configuration.
    EVERYTHING works fine and actually, we have another site running in production currently with the same configuration… our issue is that when we view the source of either the production/development site there are a handful of instances where the source is showing the WordPress site URL and not the site url. None of the instances point to images or anything like that… they are related to jquery calls and references to wp-includes/wp-admin.

    I have configured the wp-config.php to have the wp-content showing as /wp-content and not the full servername, but i can’t find a way to remove these few instances of the wordpress url. I have tried the DB Search and Replace tool and told it to remove all instances of WordPress Server name and it says at this point, there are NONE found in the database.

    Is there anywhere else i can configure WordPress so that all the source shows the site url and not the wordpress url?!?!?

    Hope this wasn’t too confusing and unfortunately the site isn’t live yet so it cannot be viewed externally.


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