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    Please could someone advise me what to do. I’ve been trying to add unique meta tags to my pages. I read somewhere to add the unique description to the html of each page for example;
    <META NAME=”Description” CONTENT=”Visit England’s gardens & stately homes, the Cotswolds, Bath & Stonehenge.”>
    I did this but every time I edit something in the page the meta disappears from the html.
    I then uploaded Meta tags plugin which apparently creates unique tags from my keywords. This was installed correctly but when running my site through pear analytic, it stated my meta tags were too long and it was showing as a section of my homepage and even after a couple of weeks google where not showing my unique tags but taking excerpts from the first paragraph of my pages.
    Ahhh. Bit frustrating and not sure where to go. Could it be that the analyzers are wrong?
    I have reverted back to no plugin and still have the meta tags in the html for each page, this seems to please the analysers but is this correct and do I still need an overall meta for my whole site in my header?
    Sorry for so many questions. I’ve tried a few plugins but find they are too bulky when all I want is to edit the meta tags?

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  • anyone have any advise?

    search plugins

    meta seo pack
    allows meta words & description for each page\post

    Thanks a lot. I added this plugin but when I check my site out on it is saying my meta tag is too long and is stating that it is the first paragraph from my homepage and not the meta description that I put in the settings of the plugin? Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

    I’ve also just run my site through SEOCentro and they are also stating my meta description is;

    Hello and a warm welcome to you from us at England Cultural Homestay. Do you want to see the real England, while improving your English language skills?…

    BUT in the plugin I have set it to;

    Relax and study English in our home. Visit England’s World heritage sights. Cook British food. Experience English culture. Sightseeing in nearby Cotswolds.

    Any ideas why it’s not changed despite me using the plugin? Thanks

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