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  • Hi,

    I’m currently using FragmentCache on a CMS type of wordpress install where a post has a lot of custom field data. This data is also shown on an archive page in a table. This table would normally take 15 seconds to load, but by caching each row this is down to under 1 second. I can’t cache the entire table because it’s based on a search and can be different each time.

    This is all working fine, except that the datatable doesn’t update when I update an individual post unless I clear the entire cache. This I assume is happening because the the archive page isn’t checking the date of the original post.

    I think this functionality however is possible, but wanted to ask you for your advice.
    Because each row has a structured name based on the original post name (each row corresponds to one post) would it be possible to delete this row using post_updated? Or would there be an easier way to do this?

    Hope that all makes sense.

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