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  • Radovan



    is there any way to allow duplicate user names and email addresses for whole system but unique for a domain ? Or maybe better way is to allow duplicate user name but unique email address. This could be portable across blogs.

    I thinks there should be 3 or 4 parameters for registering/login

    • username
    • email address
    • password
    • domain (only in Multi site mode, check with DB table wp_usermeta/wp_blogs)

    Domain may be visible (for common login system in enterprise network) or invisible (transfer from URL as domain url)

    Example 1:

    Have blogs Site1 and Site2. This sites are different, no common user.

    Create an author account with login “john.doe” and email “” for Site1.
    In the Site2 is author with name John Doe. But it isn’t same person, only have same name. When i want to register user login “john.doe” but with email “” i get an error for duplicating user name.
    I think this is a remnant of earlier versions of WordPress. By version 3, this should not appear.

    Or have Example 2:

    Have 2 sites, Site1 and Site2. Again different sites. Both sites offer subscribing newsletter. So, i want to register on Site1 with name “john.doe” and email “”. And now, i want to get newsetter from Site2. Want to register with same user name and email and oops, get an error user name or email existed. How can exists when i’m not registering before ?

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  • Tim Moore


    MultiSite shares the users database table and is designed to carry users through all blogs so that one author can be the owner or member of many different blogs.

    If you’ve only got two site and don’t plan on using more, the easiest thing to do would be to use two separate, single WordPress installs. That way the DB tables are all separate and you can do what you want.



    I know that MultiSite shares users databaze. But see more far than is current situation.

    WordPress could have separate content, no internaval linking within blogs. Every blog is entity with own configuration, taxonomy, media library, and not in least user accounts. I think is advantage to have common users database. But, and this is big BUT you can’t define multiple separate user accounts assigned only with blog. Posts can be, mulimedia too.

    Merge WordPress MU and WordPress in version 3 is only first step.

    To allow “real” separate user accounts is no need to edit database layer, only change some PHP busines code, or create a plugin to hooking registration/login logic.

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