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  • Well, I’m making a city related portal and I need the folowing:

    1. a forum
    2. a blog
    3. a “places” database where users can comment on and rate restaurants, museums, cafes, cinemas etc
    4. a multimedia gallery (only photos for now)
    5. a bunch of static pages about the city
    6. a unique account for every section of the site

    I’ve decided to go with WP for the blog (already active now for over 7 months) and with SMF for the forum. I’ve tried the great WP-SMF bridging plugin by jjgallow. The man does a great job updating it, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

    If all I wanted was a blog and a forum, then that plugin would suffice, but for a portal it’s just an ugly way to do it. 🙂

    So I need to somehow make both WP and SMF (and any other application for that matter) use an unique account system. I don’t really know what’s this supposed to need in order to work, but I’m in for some coding and modifing at least the users tables in both WP and SMF. Not only this would be a more elegant solution, but if I want my users to rate a certain place, then I need a new database. And with what users do I link it? The WP ones? The SMF ones?

    The problem is I’m new to PHP & MySQL and I’m still learning. If I manage to really integrate WP with SMF, I’m sure the rest (CMS part of the problem, gallery, “places” database etc) will be ok.

    Yeah, I know I’ll have BIG problems updating WP and SMF if I do this, but I’ve decided to give it a try. I’m thinking of this for a few days now and haven’t found any other solution to the problem.

    So maybe you can help me just a bit. Tell me where should I start.


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  • 1. a forum
    2. a blog
    3. a “places” database where users can comment on and rate restaurants, museums, cafes, cinemas etc
    4. a multimedia gallery (only photos for now)
    5. a bunch of static pages about the city
    6. a unique account for every section of the site

    1. bbPress? (That’s what this forum uses)
    2. WP can do this
    3. WP can do this (with a plugin – can’t remember what it’s called though)
    4. Gallery 2 (or any other plugins for image galleries) – integrates with WP
    5. WP can do this
    6. not sure what you mean by this one?

    The above list was there more to make you guys understand what I try to achieve. The main issue is no. 6.

    I know WordPress can do a bunch of stuff, but does only one thing BEST, and that is blogging. I just love WP when it comes to bloging and have no intention to use any other platform, but for the rest…

    1) bbPress is waaay to simple for what I want. Heck, Vanilla (though I really like it) is way to simple. vBulletin would be best, I think, but since I decided to go with free soft or make my own, I’ll go with SMF for the forum.
    3) don’t know of such a plugin, but I’ll search for it out of pure curiosity. Thanks. Even so, if I manage to make WP and SMF use the same users table, I’ll probably make my own system for this places database.
    4) yeah, I’ll probably go with Gallery 2.
    5) I know, but this is really not an issue. So I’ll make them myself, without the help of WP.
    6) Actually this is what I need with and the reason for this thread, really. So, I’ll have 3 sections that reguire and account: the forum, the blog, and the places database. I don’t want to have different accounts set up for them. I don’t want any sort of “trick” to duplicate accounts (like that WP>SMF plugin by jjallow), I just want an unique users table for all of them. In other words, you register on the site and can then access any section of the portal.

    This is my main problem. I know what I should do to achieve this, but I’m still a newbie at PHP & MySQL (I’ve read books and tutorials, but I don’t have experience) so I don’t really know where to start the coding. That’s basically it. The other things I can manage… CSS, HTML, Photoshop (for graphic design) and so on.


    well all I can recommend is that, as doodlebee pointed out, you can do all of the things you described with WordPress.

    To the user, WP_SMF bridge basically feels like one unique account. In effect, you would get what you want. I wouldn’t really consider it a “trick”, as it allows both programs to be fully functional and freestanding.

    If you try to create just one database table for users, you will end up significantly altering both wordpress and smf, which means they will not be compatible with anything else you mentioned on your list.

    if I may suggest…have a look at as well. Should be completely compatible with this bridge. cheers.

    Thanks, well, I think I’ve made up my mind. I’ll drop the unique users table thing. I gain one thing, I loose three. :)) I think Mambo pretty much delivers what I need, and integrated with a forum and a blog should be just fine.

    As for the rest…
    1) already decided to go with SMF. bbPress is way too simple for what I want.
    3) still working on this one… think I’ll just make it myself and connect with WP’s users table. Should work this way…
    4) Gallery2
    5) That’s really not an issue.

    ok, well let me know how it goes!

    Mambo is a pretty powerful little cms. I’m not sure how well it works with wordpress, but I believe it can be done.

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