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  • You need some training in explaining simple things. You are not doing this (perhaps deliberately?). Its not even clear what stage one is in the set-up process. You have advertisements between steps. for example after I FTP my file to the correct directory – to correct location “csv2postcsvfiles” folder as the file is big – there is not way of knowing what to do next. I mean cmon.. Then you have all kinds of advertisements asking me to pay for help. :)) In one case I see payemnts of $299 or so for complete help in installation. (I wonder why one would need that help?) 🙂

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  • Plugin Author WebTechGlobal


    Thank you for your feedback.

    I can think of an improvement already on our task list that would help your situation with large files so I’ll bring that forward to be done sooner.

    The fee of $299 is one paid by many large companies for far more than just installation. As clearly stated by the package details. The plugins hidden functionality offers far more than any importer. It can’t all easily be offered through the interface in such a short time.

    Many of our videos have a different purpose other than tutoring for instant use and aren’t meant to be short. They are partial guides for developers seeking to understand the nature of how the plugin operates.

    So we offer a service to not just install it but work on it to best suit the clients needs. We’re talking a couple of weeks development.

    It’s what we do and we offer Easy CSV Importer which is easier to use plus the videos demonstrate for beginners.

    Plugin Contributor Ryan Bayne



    Six months ago you rated CSV 2 POST with a single star. The plugin has had weeks of work since and I’d really appreciate ten minutes of your time to install the plugin then re-review.

    There are video and help icons on some of the features. More to be added soon. There is help text in the WordPress Help tab also. The interface looks and feels more WordPress.

    Thank you for your time. A discount on the premium edition will be available in return for any time spent on this.

    Ryan Bayne

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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