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  • I am creating a new website and tried NextGen Gallery – but it didn’t have what I needed so I tried to uninstall it. But now that I have uninstalled the NextGen Gallery plugin, it still shows on the admin panel menu. I am prompted to update the database, but when doing so it “fails.” And now my sidebar shows widgets that I had already previously taken off and they will no longer delete. (I can’t get rid of meta, archives and search without taking out the side column completely.)

    My website –

    I would like to fully uninstall nextgen and get my sidebar fixed.

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  • If you want to completely remove you can FTP into your site and delete the nextgen-gallery.

    Located here :


    Good luck.

    Thanks, I managed to do a complete uninstall by going into the plugins.

    I did also get rid of the widgets on my sidebar – but only by replacing them with a calendar or some other widget. Otherwise those sidebar widgets won’t delete without changing the page to one column. Still hoping to figure out how to fix the sidebar issue.

    What should your sidebar look/act like?

    I see a basic calendar and nothing else.

    Is something missing/broken/etc?

    I would love to help, so any info you can provide would be helpful.

    When I went into the administration screen for widgets – there were no widgets listed under the primary widget area – but they will show up on my website. I managed to hide them by putting the calendar in the same place as the other widgets would have been shown. As long as I put something in the primary widget area – then it seems to over-ride the hidden widgets. But if I take out the calendar or any other widget I choose to put there – then the hidden widgets resurface on my website – but don’t show up on my administration screen (so can’t be deleted.)

    If I were to take out the calendar in the sidebar area – then the hidden widgets that I cant’t get rid of will resurface.. They are the search bar, archives and Meta – site admin and log out. These widgets showed up on my website (but not on the administration widget page) after I did the uninstall. I think that it might have to do with the fact that I had put a slide show in the widget area and then not deleted the slideshow before I uninstalled nextgen.

    Thanks for offering to help.

    Maybe you can re-install, just to remove the slide show widget. Then un-install and see if your problem got resolved.

    Good luck.

    What DoubleSixx recommended has the potential to work.

    If the above doesn’t work, I have another option.

    I was writing the process here, but it ended up being quite long.

    Here is a (slightly involved) process that you can try on my (temporary) wordpress help blog I’ve set up

    I tried to explain everything as clearly as possible, but let me know if you need anything.

    Also, if I’ve made any errors, omissions, or mistakes (grammar or otherwise) please let me know so I can fix it.

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