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  • Sry for the bad maybe bad title.

    i will describe my problem:

    I used W3T, after WordPress-Update the Plugin doenst work anymore right, so I decided to uninstall it.

    Everything was fine but later I noticed that my (theme) index.php has no effect on my blogpage. in clearly words: i can edit, i can delete, i can rename my index.php = no effect!

    My blog works still. but I want to edit my index.php, but I can’t!

    I think there is anywhere a cached index.php but I dont find them.

    I deacitvated the plugin, then i delete the plugin (with all files). On wp-contet there is no cache/ or the .php files.

    I clearded my htacces (just default wordpress settings), set wp cache on wp-config of FALSE and so on.

    It would be nice if anyone could help me because it drives my crazy.

    thx 4 youre help and sry for my bad english 🙂

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  • hey guys, i still have this problem.

    it makes no sense for me 🙁

    i need a modification, but i cant do anything..

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