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    Too many issues to be worth anyone’s time.

    The good: Great design options for creating newsletters. They show up great on a laptop.

    The bad:

    Emails do not show up correctly (as designed) for mobile.

    The ugly:

    Mailpoet does not sync newsletter subscriber database with wordpress users. If a user subscribes but does not set up an account, the user then gets an error message that they are already in the system when they try to set up an account.

    You can completely clean out the wordpress users and database wp_users and the error still pops up.

    Why, you may ask?

    Because Mailpoet stores it’s own subscriber list in the database. And even if someone unsubscribes, they are not removed from the mailpoet’s database table. Presumably because mailpoet is harvesting lists in the background. Either way, this is a major violation of our privacy policy and most other ethical businesses.

    Here’s the real kicker. When you delete users in the mailpoet subscriber list in the database, mail poet throws a fit and acts like you just installed the plugin, deletes all the setup emails, and makes you start over. This should not happen if it’s a simple list. This tells me the subscriber list is being harvested and is mirrored somewhere else in the plugin.


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    Also this forum kept changing my one star review to five stars without permission.

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    Plugin Support Ojoma a11n


    Hello there @stelpavlou ,

    Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding your experience with MailPoet. We are committed to continuous improvement and value your feedback.

    Firstly, concerning the issue you encountered with your review being altered, it’s important to note that MailPoet does not possess the capability to change customer reviews. We uphold a principle of integrity and transparency in all user interactions.

    Regarding the mobile responsiveness of emails, we understand the importance of ensuring that newsletters display correctly across all devices. We encourage you to utilize the design options available and contact our support should you require any specific adjustments.

    On the topic of syncing newsletter subscribers with WordPress users, MailPoet creates a WordPress user list intended to manage subscribers efficiently. Errors indicating a user is already in the system typically point to pre-existing records within MailPoet’s subscriber list e.g they might be in the Trash tab. Our team can provide guidance on managing these instances effectively.

    It’s also crucial to clarify that MailPoet does not have access to your website’s database nor do we harvest your subscriber lists. All operations related to data handling within MailPoet are performed under strict compliance with privacy regulations, ensuring that no unauthorized data manipulation occurs externally or internally.

    Regarding your experience with deleting users from the subscriber list, using MailPoet’s provided tools for this purpose ensures that none of your setup or configurations are affected. Direct interventions in the database tables outside of the established functionalities of the plugin can lead to unexpected outcomes, including the need to reset your configuration. For this reason, we highly encourage following our knowledge base guides to execute these modifications.

    MailPoet deeply respects your business and trust. If there are any further issues or if you need assistance navigating the features of our plugin, please reach out to our support team. We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with MailPoet meets your expectations.

    Best regards.

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